Leading from the InsideOUT just may become an instant classic because it at once is both lofty in its reach and scope––the journey to authentic, enlightened leadership––while also down-to-earth in its humanity and conversational readability. Many times, Kolb writes as he likely coaches his executive clients, with inspirational candor and piercing depth so as to create a happening.”  

–Rick Brandon, PhD, Author Survival of the Savvy, Wall Street Journal Bestseller

 Leading from the InsideOut is a book about authenticity and humility; a book about the always unfinished journey of becoming our best selves in the service of a higher purpose. Kolb reminds us that leadership has always been a social enterprise, an unspoken agreement about values and vision between those who lead and those who follow. In Leading from the InsideOut, Kolb provides guidance to leaders through stories and case studies; reminding us that effective leadership is rarely about power, hierarchy or expertise. Leadership, the sort of leadership needed in an increasingly interconnected world, is moral and sacred. It starts from the InsideOut.

 –Eric Westendorf, Co-founder & CEO at LearnZillion

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