David M. Kolb

For over 30 years, as an educator, speaker, and coach, I’ve reached thousands of managers, executives, and organizations with my approach to effective leading. My deepest passion is to prepare leaders for the complexity of their 21st century roles. I draw from many years of working inside large and small organizations and from my own experiences as a leader.

One of my earliest impulses was a deep curiosity for how things work––objects, people, and systems. I began my adult career as a building contractor, and I eventually acquired my professional training in clinical psychology. Many people look at me skeptically when I describe this career path; even so, the work is similar, just working with different materials––sturdy foundations need to be installed before walls and all this before the roof or even a really trendy paint job.

In writing this book, I became a kind of architect. I envisioned, organized, and laid out a design for how a leader is made. I’ve written about leaders I know, and I’ve described what it takes to become a resilient leader, one that others will want to follow for all the right reasons.

In addition to my professional work, I also enjoy woodworking and volunteering for a charitable organization. I live in Maine with my sweetheart, Serena, and we enjoy cycling, travel, and being Opa and Nana to our grandsons.

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