Discover The Maestro Inside You

“Leading from the InsideOUT” will show you how to be the leader that others want to follow




Are you someone who wants your life to count, to matter, to make an impact through purposeful work, and you want to make a positive difference in the lives of others? Then keep reading.

This book is a comprehensive guide for developing authentic leadership, not a list of tips or shortcuts. So if you’re an emerging leader, an experienced leader, a coaching professional, or even one charged with developing curriculum for your organization, then this book will help you to manage yourself as well as to get your team on the same page.

Perhaps you were recruited for a leadership role, a job that gave you more responsibility, carried a more prestigious title, or was even a higher pay-grade. At first, the thrill of the new challenge gave you energy and you went for it! Then gradually the notion that there could be more, something deeper, something closer to your core self, faded. 

Over many years as an executive coach, I discovered what it takes for leaders to be most effective––and it never happened because of a promotion. So I wrote this book for you, so you could hone your abilities in line with who you really want to be. I want you to have the guidelines for a life that matters to you and to your world.

Through stories of other leaders, clear graphics, and a well-resourced narrative, I’ll lead you to consider the motivations, emotions, and inner impulses required of someone who others trust.

But before you can have a positive influence on others, you must manage yourself…deeply, honestly, and compassionately. And you can do it!

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